Cubo Ljubljana Golf

18 holes

Number of holes: 18
Total course length: 5,872 m
Par: 72

It takes only a 15-minute drive from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to a golf course with breath-taking views of Alpine peaks. Ljubljana is one of the greenest European cities, and the golf course on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by pastures, fields and forests, bear testament to this fact.

This is the only golf course in Slovenia that is opened all year long, except when covered in snow. The greens and holes bear names inspired by interesting local legends.

One of the most modern golf courses in Slovenia has hosted several amateur European championships. The perfect combination of dynamic fairways, bunkers, large greens and two ponds attracts golfers from around the world. It is also an excellent choice for prestigious sports, business and recreational events.

When visiting Ljubljana and central Slovenia for business or as a tourist, spice up your stay by enjoying a round of golf in Smlednik. The course’s golf academy also provides individual lessons to help you improve your game.

Green Fee Packages

Green Fee Packages Price
2 GF: Cubo Golf from €180
2 GF: Cubo Golf and Arboretum Golf from € 170
3 GF: 2x Cubo Golf and Arboretum Golf from €260
3 GF: Cubo Golf, Royal Bled and Arboretum Golf from €320
4 GF: 2x Cubo Golf and 2x Arboretum Golf from €340
4 GF: Cubo Golf, Royal Bled, Arboretum and Castle Otočec Golf from €390
Other ServicesPrice
Practice balls – token€3
Electric cart – 18 holes€30
Electric cart – 9 holes€20
Club rental€20


    Cubo Ljubljana Golf


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