Golf Bovec

9 holes

Number of holes: 9
Total course length: 3,012 m
Par: 36/72

Golf Bovec is situated in the valley of the emerald Soča river, which is an active outdoor holiday paradise. The location from The Chronicles of Narnia film allures visitors from all over the world with its superb cuisine and has been exciting nature lovers for decades with its ample water sports and air sports opportunities.

Another reason to visit the emerald Soča River and its valley is the golf course with its spectacular view of the Kanin Mountains and other peaks on the Italian and Austrian borders. The three countries offer a selection of golf courses within a 90-minute drive. Bovec is perfect for individuals and small groups who enjoy hidden gems of nature. The town also boasts a footgolf course, indeed one of the most interesting such courses in the world.

Green Fee Packages

Green Fee PackagesPrice
2 GF: Bovec Golffrom €88
3 GF: Bovec Golffrom €132
3 GF: Cubo Golf, Royal Bled and Bovec Golffrom €285
4 GF: Cubo Golf, Royal Bled, Arboretum and Bovec Golffrom € 365
Other ServicesPrice
Practice balls – tokenprice on request
Trolleyprice on request
Electric cart – 18 holesprice on request
Electric cart – 9 holesprice on request
Club rentalprice on request


    Golf Bovec


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